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I have a Dream!

No, I’m not referring to Martin Luther King Jr’s famous speech in 1963, but rather your career dream.  Perhaps you’ve been interested in a career in technology since you got your hands on your first ever smart phone or laptop.  Or maybe you had an epiphany several years later, but…
Morna Ronnie
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Happiness in Technology

So I’m back, from outer space, I just wrote this little blog to put a little smile across your face. You should have blocked our stupid feed, you should have never followed me. If you had known for just one second I would be rambling about PC’s, now Go! Just…
Tony Baker
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Making happiness your priority

Last time, we talked about how goal setting can be an important tool for achieving our medium to long term goals, and the link to keeping a smile on our face. We also explored some timescales for our goals, and what kinds of goals fit those timescales. In this post…
Ben Ross
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Happy goals for a happy soul

Last Tuesday, we kicked off Happiness Happens month with What is Happiness? In that post, Tony summarised the three elements of happiness – short term emotion, longer term rational self-reflection and personal fulfilment. This is the first of a trilogy of posts that will focus more on the latter two…
Ben Ross
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Where do we go from here?

Easily one of the most important questions everyone, globally, is asking themselves right now. To say we are living in a time of uncertainty would be an understatement. It’s something I have been personally reflecting on over the last number of weeks trying to understand what my future looks like.…
Tony Baker